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Freedom! Nederlands

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome back to another Freedom! Forum Friday! We have a lot to cover this week so why don't we get into it!

YouTube Discussions!

My personal favourite part of every week's FFF is looking at the Discussions Members are having about YouTube and this week didn't fail to deliver on those!

As it wouldn't be a FFF without featuring @tovah, he wanted to hear your opinions on watching back your older videos. Can it help you or are...​

Hi, if you're reading this you are either lost or a really loyal reader :D
Welcome to the FFF !

Newsletter is back again ~!

Newsletters have been coming and going god knows where, finally it has reached our @zeke morgan ~! If you're not excited for this newsletter then I don't know what will get you going :D Check out the newsletter Right Here !...​
Newsletter Getting Noldified
Hello everyone and welcome to another Freedom Newsletter ! Let's take a look at what happened this month !

So you may have noticed the Freedom Forum Team have taken over the Freedom Newsletter again this month, how long we will have it for is anyone's guess but whilst we do lets dive straight into this months news.

Be Sure To Get Noldified

Papa George and Nold have been busy on the Freedom YouTube page, creating a whole host of videos which you may find interesting. For...

Hello everyone and welcome to another FFF! Don't worry, I'm not the only Moderator doing this anymore, though as seems to be tradition, have a nice Saturday! It's been a very active week again so let's dive right into it!

Create an Emoji for Freedom! Revamped!
Remember the last time a contest was about creating emojis? That was a year ago... I feel old already.
Well last year's winners are still up on the Discord...
Create Your Own Emoji S2
September Contest

Welcome back to the second season of our Create your own Emoji contest!

We had a blast with the last one, and the #FreedomFamily's creativity really shined through. This year, we hope to see more of your wonderful innovation in the form of your very own emoji. ;)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's FFF! I hope you've had an amazing week! This has been yet another slow week but here are some of its highlights!

Milestones, Milestones and more Milestones!
This week brought us a lot of awesome Milestones, here are some of them:

@Drawyah has reached 4000 Subscribers, 800 000 Views and will celebrate it on a plane! Find out how...​

If you haven't noticed @Row has outlined how to win some pretty cool steam codes in her thread - HERE. All you need to do is make a short video that answers 'what are the things you like about Freedom' and post it on your social media account. You should also tag it with #FreedomFamily and post a link in form, but I think you will agree its a rather easy way to get a free game....
Make a video (30-45 secs) that answers the question “What are the things you like about Freedom!” and post it on your social media account.


Winners will be given steam codes to redeem the games we will be giving out.
Welcome #FreedomFamily

It is once again the time to post the MotM thread and I am really sorry to be the bringer of the bad news, but this month we have been unable to select anyone outstanding.

We do not want to diminish the meaning and value behind the title of "Member of the Month" and have thus decided to withhold the title this month.


Why would you want to be selected as the MotM ?

Whoever gets selected as MotM gains 100 free credits for their hard work, a special shiny badge for a month, your very own spot in our Forum Home page, a virtual round of applause, the...

Hello everyone, it is Nerd once again :)
I've mixed up the days of the week so... On to the FFS~!

September is almost here :( !

I believe that a large part of users will be going back to school or university soon, so I would really like to know how are you dealing with that ? Any interesting ideas for a last minute activities while you can :D ?

Youtube channel memberships !

What is a membership on youtube ? It is same as subscribing on...​