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Freedom! Nederlands

Welcome to the forums!


Hey Freedom! Family,

The May contest winners are here!

If you missed out on that one, do not worry, the June giveaway is coming soon!

Hello everyone, we're really sorry about missing the FFF last week :( Exams season is here and everyone's been too busy to keep track of what day it is. Hopefully you will forgive us :3

Updating the dashboard ~!

As always @Koala_Steamed is the bringer all good news, this week it is the updates of freedom partner dashboard ! How did you like the changes, did you even notice them yourselves ? Let us know in...​
Quick update, the new partner dashboard can now be accessed! It can be found at the top left under the home tab. It also come with a step by step tutorial on how to use it.


What do you guys think of the new dashboard, do you prefer the new one or the old one? Also are there any features that you think could be improved or changed?

Welcome back to another great FFF, sorry about being a day late been a pretty hectic week, and I after working six days I just needed a little time to relax and recuperate before making this great FFF.

New Items Available With Credits

So for those who haven't seen, @Koala_Steamed has just offered up the chance to buy some select games with Freedom Credits, with hopefully some more to come. For now we have 4 games are up for sale. They may not be the usual type of games you play but it can be...​
We are working on more items to purchase with credits, hopefully more to come. For now these 11 games are up for sale. They may not be the usual type of games you play but it can be fun to try new things, also they all come with 4 trading cards which you can use to collect or trade for steam credit :)

Bionic_Dues worth $10 (100₡)
The Last Federation +...

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of the monthly newsletter, this month's Newsletter is brought to you by the community team, yup that's right, these are the guys & gals you see all over Freedom including the F! Channel, Discord, Facebook, Twitter and the Freedom Forums. You know come to think of it that's a lot of us...

Anyway back to the Newsletter, let's remind you all of the activities and events that happened in April.
Hey Freedom! Family,

The April giveaway winner is here.

If you missed out on that one, do not worry, the next one is here!

May Contest!

Hello once again everyone, good to see you're back for a dose of weekly goodness of FFF :D
I'd like to quickly remind you here that next week we will not be having FFF as the monthly news letter will be taking over, so keep an eye out for that ;)

To start this off

I would like to once again congratulate @Deathlake for being picked as the Member of the month of April ! If...​
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

It is time to announce the Member of the month for April!

And for this month, our #MotM is...

Once again, it is a Friday! For all those historical nerds out in here, 129 years ago today marks the birth of famous world leader and dictator Adolf Hitler. Though we do not condone his actions in the past, he made a significant change to how the world operates in modern day.

Before we get into any forum related updates/announcements, I would like to start with something that only just got announced in the news which is quite upsetting to hear....​
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